Endurance Nutrition

Endurance nutrition is the science of supplying the right nutrition at the right time to ensure that you can compete at your best, keep healthy and generally enhance your exercise experience.

Endurance nutrition products and strategies make it easy to take the right nutrition at the right time to improve your performance and adaptation to exercise and training.

In the past sports nutrition was almost exclusively about fuelling up on carbohydrate and keeping hydrated. These are still important elements of a sports nutrition strategy with increasingly sophisticated products and strategies now available.

Increasingly science has shown that the type and timing of nutrition can have important effects on the body and how it responds to training and modern science has increased our understanding of the mechanisms behind adaptation and how to stay healthy whilst coping with tough training loads.

Athletes are now encouraged to plan their post exercise nutrition as diligently as their preparation and performance nutrition. The importance of nutrition after exercise has expanded from strategies to recover or replace carbohydrate energy stores to include methods to enhance muscle repair and adaptation. Once the sole preserve of strength and muscle building athletes, there has been an increased realisation of the importance of protein for endurance sports. Along with this researchers have stressed the importance of type and timing of protein consumption. Dream It promotes and recommends this recovery concept and will also suggest bars and fast and slow protein formulations in order to reflect the latest research on nutritional modulation for adaptation to exercise.

The pressures of training and busy lifestyles can make it difficult to optimise nutrition with regular foods and there is an increased understanding how certain supplements may benefit athletic performance. Athletes have a need for safe effective supplements and Dream It will make recommendations on the best and most effective options available.

The importance of taking the right nutrition at the right time is paramount in optimising performance.