Your Dream

If your dream is to experience an unforgettable fitness adventure in one of the world's most renowned, revered and majestic landscapes, then Dream It is your ticket to an epic journey like no other.

You’re no elite athlete. Maybe you’re a mum at home with young ones, or a busy professional. Maybe you just struggle to put fitness at the top of your priority list. Maybe you’ve walked or run a local half-marathon and just can’t see yourself topping that. But you love travel, and you’d love an excuse to set a personal goal that you’ll be driven to achieve because it means going on an epic fitness adventure alongside awesome travel companions, a highly qualified crew, expert advice and support, and access to spectacularly epic locations and exclusive experiences very few people are privileged to share.

Every Dream It journey is tailor-made for a select group of adventurous Kiwis so you can choose the journey that works for you. You may not have a chance of making it to the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream. With the right training, conditioning and help from top sports specialists – Olympic competitors and sports motivators, leading nutritionists and podiatrists – you can do anything. People do.

And if your dream is to experience an unforgettable fitness adventure in one of the world’s most renowned, revered and majestic landscapes, and come home proud of your results and with the story of a lifetime, then Dream It is your ticket to success.

We offer the whole package – training, nutrition, fitness conditioning and programme, injury prevention, travel and accommodation – and if needed, race entry is part of the deal. All Dream It events are exclusive, with limited availability to ensure genuine one-on-one support.

Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can look after you, with support from trainers and coaches around the country, and by ensuring you can always contact our team any time via Skype and phone. Along with that comes the personal support, the satisfaction of a goal achieved, and the sense of being part of a team doing great things together.

Dream It is all about the emotion – the courage, the excitement, the fear, the nerves, the pride, the laughs, the love, the absolute sense of victory and accomplishment and the insatiable appetite for more. And together, we’re doing it!

Spaces are limited. Join us today. Contact for more information.