New York Marathon 2013


The world’s biggest and most popular marathon, the New York Marathon is truly the experience of a lifetime. The Dream It team supported their athletes through training and nutrition and left them walking away without regrets. We ticked this even off a few people’s bucket list!

An event to remember

This was such a fantastic event. Our Dream Team prepared themselves both mentally and physically in order to take on the world’s biggest marathon. Running, nutrition, hydration, conditioning and preparation were all covered.

It wasn’t all intense training though! Our New York Marathon Dream Team had an amazing dinner with Allison Roe – NZ running legend and former New York and Boston Marathon Winner and world record holder. Allison presented the team with their race tops for the big day, and inspired everyone with her stories and great insights into her running experiences. This fired everyone up for the big day, especially after hearing of Allison’s amazing journey, and getting some of her tips!

The training that was done months before (rather than the weeks before) laid the foundation for our team to pull off a good performance. Everyone ran their hardest and did themselves proud!

Client Testimonial

Most Amazing Marathon Ever

"New York is amazing! The Marathon was an incredible experience. Dream It's coaching team, training programmes and support helped me finish with a great time and I can walk away with no regrets. Nutrition support and race pacing advice was invaluable and having a team dinner with Allison Roe was inspirational. Training events as a lead in and mentoring throughout the training made all the difference. Thanks Dream It for helping me tick off a true bucket list Event! Book me in for next year."

- Matthew Preen -