Amalfi Coast & Legendary Trails


An unforgettable journey exploring the ancient trails of Italy and experiencing the epic Amalfi Coast.

Explore ancient medieval towns, sample authentic Italian cuisine and run with us in one of the most spectacular coastal trail destinations in the world. This exclusive adventure will take you along the spectacular trail runs of the Amalfi Coast, supported by amazing local guides and an incredibly friendly local community. With 18km and 28km options, you can choose the distance that’s right for you.

We also take you on an exclusive Legendary Trails experience; an unforgettable journey through the dramatic hills and high plains of the Abruzzo region. Along the way you’ll have ample time to enjoy your comfortable lodgings, sample local cuisine and discover medieval towns and fortresses, as you explore Italy ‘off the beaten track’.

The breathtaking views and challenging climbs of the Amalfi Coast and Legendary Trails Experience will leave you enchanted and inspired.

Medieval magic

After touching down in the grandeur of Rome, our journey takes us east to Santo Stefano di Sessanio, nestled under the dominating Gran Sasso and within the Monti della Laga National Park. Known as the ‘Little Tibet of Italy’, this land of imposing mountains and high plains is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. Located within the National Park, Santo Stefano di Sessanio is one of Italy’s prettiest villages, and a classic example of a fortified medieval settlement, with an integring maze of ancient buildings and cobbled streets just begging to be explored. This will be our home for the next three days, as we discover the magical and unforgettable ‘Legendary Trails Experience’, accompanied by passionate, experienced local guides who will show us the real Italy, taking in the tavernas, pensiones, and restaurants of the Abruzzo region.

Majestical trails in the wilderness

Day Three and we head off on our first trail through the majestic National Park of Gran Sasso, offering stunning views of high plains and jagged peaks, and a genuine sense of wilderness and freedom. Also included is a visit to the castle and Calascio, followed by a delicious, traditional Italian dinner. Day Four begins with a 5km trail run near Santo Stefano, on the breathtaking journey to Rocca Calascio and the Castel del Monte. Dating back to the 10th century, this stunning example of medieval architecture is now a UNESCO world heritage site. In the afternoon we begin our journey to the Amalfi Coast.

The jewel of the Mediterranean

South of Naples, the Amalfi Coast is a region rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Visited by Emperors and Popes for centuries, the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” provides a stunning setting for your Amalfi Coast trail run. The spectacular coastal scenery is staggeringly beautiful, with gravity-defying houses clinging to the cliffs and dazzling blue ocean as far as the eye can see. Day Five is a day of freedom, to explore the stunningly beautiful Minori and Ravello, based out of the four star Minori Palace Hotel. Day Six is your opportunity to explore the magical coastal trails of Amalfi and Atrani, becoming familiar with your surrounds. A full trail briefing will be held in the afternoon, prior to a delectable pre-race meal at the Hidden Cove restaurant, where we will share inspiration for the epic trail running adventure ahead.

The Big Day!

Day Seven is the big day – your chance to challenge yourself with an 18km or 28km trail run along the stunning Amalfi Coast! Starting in the town of Agerola, the Amalfi Trails wind along some of Italy’s most revered coastline, navigating ancient staircases and pathways, including the Sentiero Degli Dei or ‘Path of the Gods’ – an absolutely breathtaking single-track trail along seaside bluffs with thousand-foot sheer drop offs. This is a trail like no other, and with limited guided trail running in this region, you will join a chosen few to walk or run in the footsteps of the Gods.

You made it!

Day Eight and the hard work is over! To celebrate, we will enjoy a day of sailing on a chartered boat, exploring the coast along to Amalfi and Positano. We will also enjoy a celebratory team dinner at the famous Hidden Cove restaurant. If you’d prefer to stay on land, you are welcome instead explore at your own pace: take in the local culture, smell the deliciously fresh bread and coffee, be entertained by local street musicians, sample local gelato, pizza and fresh local seafood, and explore the cobbled streets and extraordinary medieval architecture.

Farewell to Italy

Day Nine and it is time to pack our bags and return to Rome, ready to begin our journey home.